Baptism (Christening)

Sue Collett

Sue Collett is our new Baptism Co-ordinator and she is the first point of contact for baptism requests and looks after the admin as well as supporting families and answering their queries. If you would like to know more about booking a baptism (Christening) or know someone else who does please ask them to contact Sue.

or Mobile  07734 772030

Having your child Baptised (Christened) At Hanslope & Castlethorpe: Some FAQs

  • Some people say Christening, others say Baptism, is there a difference? No, not really. The Church normally uses the word baptism as it is the word the Bible uses.
  • Do the parents have to be baptised? No there is no requirement for parents to be baptised themselves.
  • How many godparents do I need? The tradition is to have three, two of the sex of the child and the third of the opposite sex, although you may have more than three if you wish. However, in Church Law the minimum is in fact only two. It is also possible for one parent to be a godparent too. So you have plenty of flexibility.
  • Do Godparents have to be baptised? Yes they do. Only someone who is themselves baptised can make the Godparents’ promises. Anyone who isn’t baptised can still be included in the ceremony as a ‘Supporting Adult’ they make a non-religious commitment to support your child. You still need to have the minimum two Godparents however. If you have a prospective Godparent who would like to be baptised I am happy to meet with them and prepare them for baptism too prior to or even at your child’s baptism.
  • Do I need to be married? Of course not! This ceremony is about your child and not about your marital status. The Church is keen for all children to be nurtured in a loving and caring environment. Inviting God into your family life through asking for baptism for your child is a very positive thing.
  • How much does it cost? There is no charge. Baptism is offered as a free gift from God. There will be a collection during the service and if you want to make an offering in thanksgiving for your child’s birth you are, of course, welcome to do so, but there is no expectation that you should.
  • When does it take place? We always baptise at the main Sunday morning services, 9.30am at Castlethorpe and 11.00am at Hanslope. It is important to remember that when you are baptised you are baptised into something, that something is the Church (the people of God who are the body of Jesus in the world today) and therefore we baptise when the Church is gathered together, to celebrate and welcome a new member.
  • Do I have to come to church regularly? There is no obligation to worship regularly. You will be invited to come along to a Sunday Service before the Baptism. This will allow your child to become used to the church environment and will mean they, and you, will be more relaxed and comfortable on the day. It also means you will meet and get to know other local people.
  • I am nervous about coming to church, will it be full of old ladies with hats? How will I know what to do? There is nothing to worry about! Both churches have people of all ages worshipping at them and hats are really quite rare these days! You are welcome to dress smartly for church or simply to come as you are, God is much more interested in what is in your heart rather than what you are wearing! Our service booklets are quite easy to follow and if there isn’t someone you know then sit near the back you can see what everyone else is doing and copy them! Lots of people have joined our two churches in recent years, so people around you will remember how it feels to be new! If you are lost just ask someone, they won’t bite.
  • Do I have to attend a training course? No. Our Baptism Coordinator will meet with you before the ceremony to talk it through with you and answer any questions you might have. They will also offer you a walk through in church a day or two before the planned date, if you would like that. Fr Adam or Fr Gary will also call and see you and meet up with you for a rehearsal.
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