Current Pandemic Situation

At present Fr Gary can offer the following:

  • A funeral at a local Crematorium with a congregation of ten, socially distanced, followed, if desired, by a burial of Ashes in the churchyard at a mutually convenient time with a congregation of six.
  • A funeral in church or at the graveside with a congregation of up to thirty, socially distanced. Any subsequent Burial of Ashes can only have a congregation of six.

In either case a Memorial Service or Service of Thanksgiving can be arranged at a later date once restrictions have been lifted so that a larger number of people can gather to pay their respects. At present I can give no guarantee as to when the Church will be open and able to offer this.

Do contact Fr Gary 01908 337936 to discuss any matters in detail or our Funeral Coordinator Glyn Hollinshead on 07947 478189

Click here to view our Churchyard Regulations

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