Sung Mass on Sunday Mornings

Public Worship 

Our main act of worship on a Sunday morning is at 11.15am and is a Sung Mass.  Worship at St James the Great uses contemporary language in a traditional setting. Our congregation includes a good balance of people of all ages including families with young children. 

The church has a striking central altar platform which allows the congregation to gather around the altar to be fed in the words of Scripture and with the body and blood of Christ as we make our communion.  Those who have not yet been prepared for baptism and confirmation are encouraged to come forward to receive a blessing during the distribution of Communion.

There is a well equipped children’s corner in the church for toddlers and babies, equally parents are welcome to keep their children in the pews.

Sunday School children (age 4 and over) leave the worship for their lesson during the opening hymn and return before Communion – sharing what they have learnt with the congregation before the final blessing.

There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at St James and tea and coffee is shared after the service and everyone is welcome to stay on and chat.

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