Advent & Christmas 2019

Below are full details of what is happening during Advent

Worship and Groups in Advent 2019-page-001 (2)The Advent Season 2019-page-002 (2)The Advent Season 2019-page-003 (2)The Advent Season 2019-page-004 (2)Advent course Poster 2019-page-001 (2)Following the Silence Advent 2019-page-001 (2)Exposition Poster Advent 2019-page-001 (2)12 Tea Poster Dec 2019 (3)12 Health Walk Poster Dec 19 (3)Community Lunches Xmas Poster 2019-page-001 (2)Advent Ex poster 2019-page-001 (2)MK Brass Poster-page-001 (2)

My Heart s Delight Poster 2019 to go to Stewart (2)-page-001Christmas Services General 2019-page-001 (2)Christmas Carol Service 2019-page-001 (2)Cthorpe Decorating 2019-page-001 (2)Hanslope Crib Service 2019-page-001 (2)Cthorpe Crib Service 2019-page-001 (2)Midnight Mass poster 2019-page-001 (2)Mary Mother of God Poster 2019-page-001 (2)Epiphany Poster 2019-page-001 (2)Candlemass Poster 2020 Christmas board version-page-001 (2)





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