Inspire! Youth Group

Inspire then meets at St James Church each Friday in term time from  and seeks to be a safe place for young people to support each other, enjoy each other’s company, have fun and to explore in a gentle way the place of God in their lives today.

Just drop in and join us!

Inspire Logo 2014


It’s on Fridays

It’s Secondary school age only

It’s at Hanslope Church



Chill out

Big issues

Finding God


If your child is coming to Inspire! at any stage then please fill out one of our Registration Forms , this will ensure your child’s wellbeing in the event of an emergency and provides peace of mind for parents and adult leaders alike.

As ever the Inspire! team are here to support you as parents. If you think we can help you in any way please do say. Anything you share with us will remain entirelhy confidential. If you have any questions please do contact Graham & Lorraine Robinson on 511843 or

Prayers and best wishes,

Lorraine & Graham Robinson, David Brooks, Fr Adam Burnham, Natasha Corr and Amy Hewitt

Inspire Leadership team

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