Music Scheme

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Pentecost-OT 11-14 2017

Choir Notes


–    C on 22/6 at 18:30

–    then 6/7 at C, same time

–    then 20/7 at H at 18:15

–    10/8 at H at 18:15

–    24/8 at H at 18:15

That is about as far forward as I care to look, for now.

The idea will be to cover more of the new carol plus whatever is the next “due” item, see below.

Music Plan:

23/7 – Sun – Alleluias of St James

15/8 – Tue – Hail Blessed Virgin Mary

Harvest – whenever it will be – Psalm 8, it’s quite effective and we know it fairly well, plus the usual Evensong items.  If I remember and if there is sufficient time we could try different chants for the Mag and Nunc to ‘mix it up a bit’.  Memory is not however a major attribute of mine so if you really are keen on trying the new settings, you will need to remind me.  There may even be an issue with whatever is printed in the service leaflets, if indeed the actual settings appear therein – I am trying not to look for problems, but no doubt one or more will come to light. . .

29/10 – Sun – SS Simon & Jude – O nata lux

2/11 – Thur – All Souls – dunno yet…

So most of the stuff will be fairly easy; there will be hard stuff to do as well – principally “Tomorrow shall be my dancing day” and “O nata lux”.



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