Please note that these rotas are not updated for each minor change and, also, if you are needing to change your duty day, then please do not forget to update the master copies on the noticeboard in church and speak to your rota organiser.

The rota for those who act as sidesmen, read lessons or lead intercessions can be found here: Sidesman Rota Spring 2018

The Tea and Coffee Rota is here:  Tea Rota Spring 2018

Altar Servers Rota is here:   Servers Rota – Easter 5 to 15 August 2018

Sunday School Rota is here:  Sunday School Rota – Spring Term 2018

Thursday 9.15am Mass Reading Rota: Thursday 9.15am Mass February-July 2018

Community Lunch Rota is here:

Inspire Rota is here: Inspire Cover Rota Spring Term 2018

Chalice Administrants’ Rota:  Chalice Administrants’ Rota April-August 2018



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