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RosaryBbeadsRosary Group 2022

The Group meets once again in person on the first Saturday of each month at 4.30pm, a group of 7-10 people, meets to pray the Rosary together usually at The Vicarage (see below for venues), although during Lent Rosary is normally on tour at a variety in different homes around the parish.

Rosary Group is currently led by Glyn Hollinshead or Fr Gary

2022 Dates at The Vicarage

October 1st at 4.30pm

November 5th at 4.30pm

December 3rd at 4.30pm

and you can download the words we use to pray the Rosary together here: How To Pray The Rosary

To learn more about the Rosary watch this video:

Pray the Rosary

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